LocEM Ltd.

LocEM Ltd. is a Russian translation and localization company providing a wide range of respective services. We are a start-up though based on the knowledge and experience of qualified and talented professionals.

LocEM Ltd. is located in Ivanovo, 300 km north-east of Moscow.
The city is a recognized industrial and university center with a great pool of specialists from different industries. We engage numerous professionals of diverse backgrounds as the subject matter experts for our translation/localization projects.
The local Ivanovo State University prepares skillful and talented linguists. This allows us forming very productive and efficient translation/localization teams to meet the requirements of customers from many sectors.

There are many Russian translation and localization companies. Founding another similar company might have seemed unreasonable. However, the emergence of LocEM Ltd. is an implementation of our development ambitions and ideas as well as our wish to prove that we can make a difference. We are sure that we will be able to achieve this due to our enthusiasm, professionalism and commitment.

We also hope to become a trustworthy Russian vendor/partner for the clients and prospects all over the world. And we are eager to prove it very soon.